6-DOF robotic life form
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6-DOF Robot

Protoypal Robotic Life Form
Introducing Franz, the first of its kind. Franz is a prototypical 6-DOF robot produced directly from our 3D printer. As a testament to rapid, high-fidelity prototyping at our agency, Franz is equipped with inverse kinematics, a browser-based user interface, and artificial intelligence for performing basic tasks.

Rapid Prototyping
Frontend Development
Backend Development
AI Implementation
Interaktionswerk Lab
Our Challenge

As robots integrate more seamlessly into daily life, the evolving landscape of technology transforms them from tools to companions. Artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the way we interact with technology, presenting us with both societal challenges and opportunities.

This shift challenges us to reimagine interactions with next-gen human-machine-interfaces. As a transdisciplinary team equipped with diverse expertise, we accepted this challenge and began building tools for ourselves to explore our vision.

Franz comes with a browser-based User Interface to teach basic point-to-point movements and run these simple programs. Additionally the forward and inverse kinematics are calculated in the node backend that communicates with an Arduino Mega which functions as Franz` brain.

In simulation mode, the 3D-robot can be grabbed and positioned freely in 3D space. In play mode, the actual robot position is shown instead to gain insights about the target frame transformation.

Building Franz

All housing parts for electronics and all planetary gears for the joints are engineered and 3D-printed from PLA. Each joint features a nema stepper motor, ensuring seamless movement and control. In future iterations, we're integrating hall effect sensors into every joint in order to increase precision.

AI Included
Programming a robot made user-friendly

The use of AI, including a Chat GPT interface, allows users to command Franz simply by describing movements in natural language, significantly reducing complexity for both programmers and users. By leveraging the LLM's capabilities, the process of defining target frames becomes more intuitive and streamlined.

This approach minimizes the need for intricate programming by providing a straightforward interface where users can input desired movements in natural language, thereby enhancing accessibility and usability. With Franz and the LLM working in tandem, executing basic robot motions becomes more efficient and user-friendly, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

Emotional Assistant
Franz becomes an emotional companion

Franz is an experimental setup designed to quickly test hypotheses, while prototyping remains essential at our agency for problem-solving and inquiry resolution, bridging theory and practice to yield impactful solutions. One hypothesis to be tested was how to transform the machine into an emotional companion that garners high user acceptance and enhances the joy of use.

Based on Franz's capacity to exhibit emotions contingent upon task outcomes, it evolves into an emotional companion, enriching user experiences during interactions. These fundamental attributes prompt us to delve deeper into understanding how machines can effectively behave and communicate in a manner that resonates positively with human sensibilities.

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